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Research Instrumentation Course and leadership program held at PG TECH RESEARCH INSTITUTE facility for the esteemed faculty members from different colleges across Madhya Pradesh

Reverenced Faculty members from renowned Colleges across Madhya Pradesh took part in our leadership program and  the research and instrumentation course, organised by our organization in collaboration with  Association of Industries Madhya Pradesh (AIMP). This program is designed to help refine personal leadership styles, gain perspective on connecting with people and how they as teachers are perceived. Our Research course is for professionals to get a broader understanding of instrumentation techniques applied in different industrial areas and get practical and theoretical knowledge on High Tech Innovative Technologies. Our aim through this program is to get faculties and teachers in higher education to be skillful and experienced that enables them to bring the best in others.


Project and Dissertation Program at PGTRI by students from Career College, Bhopal — PROJECT: ADVANCE FOOD ANALYSIS AND QUALITY CONTROL

Our Institute offers Project and dissertation program in exclusivity of students in which we provide lab equipment and guidance on Lab work, thesis, presentation of projects by allotted research faculty for specific student’s project work.





PROJECT: Advance food analysis and quality control

Industrial Orientation Course training at PGTRI for students from Bhupal Nobles University, Udaipur

Our Industrial Orientation Course is a premium MOU certified course and is one the well recommended courses of our institute. This program builds the basic Industry fundamentals of the students on basic and high end Analytical instruments like Lab Oven, centrifuge, sonicator, electronic balances, pH meters, Lyophilizer, UV-VIS spectrometer, FTIR, HPLC etc. As part of our certificate program, the guidance and support of Industry experts, analysts and scientists provided from our Research Institute will help students prepare for their Industry Jobs and opportunities that comes with it.



Fresher Fundamental Course training at PGTRI for students from Rawat Pura Sarkar College of Pharmacy, Datiya

Our Fresher’s course provides students with fundamental – theoretical and practical – learning on basic and advance instruments with individual attention, hands on training and industry experience on Spectroscopy- UV-VIS/FT-IR/AAS,  Mandatory lab instruments- Lab Oven, Centrifuge, Sonicator and Electronic Balances.


Scientific Refresher Course training at PGTRI for students from Sagar Institute of Pharmaceutical Science.

Our Scientific Refresher Course provides students with fundamental instrumentation learning on advanced scientific instruments like Spectroscopy-UV-VIS/FT-IR/AAS.



Seminar On Food Adulteration Analysis in association with FDA – Date 27th April 2019

Successful One day Seminar on Food Adulteration Analysis in association with FDA – Date  27th April 2019 at our Institute.



Training at Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Bhopal during Workshop Lab & Web on 05.03.2019

Yet another round of Seminar conducted by PG Tech Research Institute ( PGTRI) beginning from Government College of Excellence Bhopal on 5th March on “ Latest Techniques on FTIR, NMR & MICROWAVE SYNTHESIS “ with the Technical Support of Labindia Analytical Pvt Ltd. Thanks to all Academic Team for their support.

Training by PGTRI for Vaishnav University with CSI Mumbai

Training on High Performance Liquid Chromatography System to the students of Vaishnav University on Chromatographic Techniques, Thanks to HOD Dr. Kavita Shrma  & Dr. G. Ramakrishnan, President CSI for their support to us.

MoU of PG TECH with Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Indore( School Of Pharmacy )

PG Tech Research Institute (PGTRI) is glad to announce signing of MOU with School of Pharmaceutical Sciences SOPS, DAVV Indore with Hon. Vice Chancellor Prof. Narendra Dhakad Saab, Registrar DAVV along with Initiator Prof. & Head SOPS Dr. Rajesh Sharma. This MOU will be another milestone in the history of DAVV.

Skill Development Program on Scientific Instrumentation Techniques

Success full Skill Development Program on Scientific Instrumentation Techniques at PGTRI Incubation Centre #Training