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GT SCIEN was founded in 2008 succeeding its parent company, Genetech Science which supplies scientific equipments all over Korea. Through supply of the equipments, we have become to know how important Laboratory Environment and Safety are for lab chemists and researchers. Which has made us developed TOGA Clean System, a highly efficient filtering system, that supply clean and pleasant laboratory environment to chemists and researchers by complete removing Toxic gases and VOCs, Offensive smell, and Fumes generated during experiments and chemical reactions through effective neutralization.
Based on this TOGA Clean System as a core technology, they released Ductless TOGA Clean System, Completely Closed Reagents Storage, and Refrigerated Reagent Storage with Touch Pad Control & Management System, and plan to develop and release Ductless Fume Hood for removal of harmful gases. In 2013, we extended our product categories to Laboratory Furniture with harmonious design and reliable engineering.

PG Tech Pvt.Ltd is established importers & Distributors for GTScien products in INDIA territory .They have a qualified team of application, marketing manager & service engineers.PG Tech has been established now for more than 14 years with our sincere gratitude to reputed Customers from Major Institutions, Govt. Organizations, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological, Microbiological, Chemical, Defense, and Atomic Energy Labs and Pharma, Chemical Industries etc. for their consistent support to help us grow linearly. GTSCIEN (Korea) is manufacturing worlds typically patented technology Environmental Friendly products like Clean Systems and Reagent Storage (with cooling). AUTHORISED IMPORT DISTRIBUTOR for GTSCIEN (TOGA) in INDIA.








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