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At PG TECH ORGANIZATION, we believe in scientific and innovative growth through technological advancements and community inclusiveness. We started this organization for the sole purpose of contributing to the scientific community and making a positive impact in the world. We are personally committed do deliver the best with our dedicated (and adorable) team.





In 2000 PG Enterprises, a small import/export company, was established in the wake of dearth in awareness and action on technological advancements in our scientific community.  In devoting memories and recognition of Late Mr. G.P. Tiwari and his beloved wife Late Mrs. P.V. Tiwari, Gyan Prem Education and Social Development Society (GPESDS), a non-governmental organization, was established in March of 2003. Our NGO’s simple objective was to encourage Skill Based and Innovative Education for the future of our nation and to make people aware of the technological advancement in different fields of skills that is needed to be encouraged at national and international levels. Then in the year 2006, PG Enterprises become PG Tech Pvt. Ltd., and we became one of the most well renowned importers of scientific instrumentation techniques in India; Eventually, Our dedication towards our skill education moto and our business successes contributed in the establishment of our Research Institute in the year 2011. We establish PG Tech Research Institute (PGTRI), an exclusive Institute for Scientific and Skill based training in Central India: Only Institute that provides on-hand Instrumentation Training to inquisitive students.









Our associates or we can say our business partners who believe in our determination and are a very important part of our progress.
‘WATERS’,‘MERCK- MILLIPORE’, ‘ANALYTIK JENA’, ‘METTLER-TOLEDO’,‘GT SCIEN’, ‘MEMMERT’: Our world-renowned manufacturing partners.



In 2017 we branched in the field of manufacturing and exports with our high quality, low cost Insulation accessories and scientific machinery built and

exported to National Industries in Middle East and Southeast Asia. Some of them are inspection plug, mylar foil, ceramic fiber tape, insulation pin etc.


Our clients or we can say our success in PAN India:


and many more.


  1. The International Distributor award 2007- 2008
  2. The Best Women Entrepreneur Award in 2018
  3. Affiliated to 25+ universities across Madhya Pradesh
  4. Organizers of Pharma Tech Exhibition for Three consecutive years.
  5. Association with world leading manufacturers like Waters, Verder Scientific, Merk-Millipore, GT-Scien, Memmert, Mettler Toledo





Founder and Director Mrs Roopali Tiwari and Mr Ashish Tiwari


Director Message

We are growing company and continuously achieving new heights of business but when turn around our background, we Both of them do not had any background of business but have a dedication of doing something for the field of Science & Scientific Community, We have started our business as a PG Enterprises and now we are the Industry PG Tech Pvt. Ltd.  and Research Lab PG Tech Research Institute. Our Journey of business is the inspiration for them who want to become self entrepreneur so our first message is that “Believe in Yourself and work hard to get desired goals of life ”

We fully understand that Science, Research, Analysis, On hands work on Scientific Instruments are difficult to get in normal life due to high cost and Expensive maintenance so it is not easily available to students, researchers and candidate who want to upgrade their knowledge on Scientific Instruments so we have established PG Tech Research Institute where everyone can easily join and improve their theoretical and practical knowledge with hands on Training on scientific Instrumentation Techniques . We also promote new ideas and innovations so that our India will shine in scientific world .