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Recommendation of Skill development at School Level Honorable Minister of SDC Mr.Deepak Joshi

Feeling #‪#‎pleased‬ to meet a simple and down to earth human being ‪#‎Honorable‬Minister of State SDC HE SE #‪#‎Mr‬ Deepak Joshi Saab on recommendations Skills Development at School Level for better #‪#‎employability



GrEaT AcHiEveMeNtS InVoLvE gReAt RiSk

Things Do Not Happen. Things are made to Happen…Every Time you do Something new you learn something.. Project On Air Cooler with help of waste and Home used materials”  



It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves “TOGA” Training

We Cannot Teach people anything; We can only help them to discover it. Providing Training on TOGA 

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Video Presentation of Industrial Guidance to students

Session Held in PGTRI Industrial Training Video Presentation for a small guideline

_PGTRI_ Industrial Exposure Guidance

Thinking with a long term perspective, Business & Human growth should walk hand in hand.

PG Tech Training Session growing to skill heights as Industrial Person Mr.Bharat Sir, GM of Lab India guided students with the industrial knowledge and experience.

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Opportunities Don’t Happen ,You Create Them

PG Tech Research Institute (PGTRI) has strengthen the students as part of training activity. Students participated in Personality Development Session at premises of PG Tech. Guided By Dixit Sir.

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Birthday is another day where you go to work and people give you love.

God gives us the gift of life; it is upto us to give ourselves the gift of living cell… We at PG Tech wishes our beloved Ravi Sir Many Many Returns of the day…. Happy Birthday….from all PG Tech Members and Directors.

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“Training is only effective if it promotes learning”

One learns by doing a thing;for though you think you know it,you have no certainty until you try.

Students taking training at PGTRI premises…

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